Toia is a premier software development kit. Use any touch feedback device to enhance the incredible sights and sounds of VR with form, force and texture.

There’s no need to imagine it:
feeling is believing

The possibilities are physically, virtually, haptically infinite

Groundbreaking gaming experience

Take gaming to a new level of immersive experience with the sense of touch, entirely code free.

Please, do touch

Imagine being able to explore exhibitions and museums and touch the priceless artwork and exhibits. Unforgettable, unparalled connections with history and culture.

Training simulations

Toia are leaders in delivering touch simulation for dentistry, surgery and medical training in some of the world’s top medical schools.

An artist's ultimate playground

Toia gives functionality to sculpt, build, and model in 3D directly with your fingertips, feeling every nuance.

Independence, access, rehabilitation

Toia has brought the benefits of applied virtual reality closer to visually impaired users through the use of touch technology and contributes to the rehabilitation of people with life-changing injuries.

Feel before you buy

Toia will revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. Feel the fabric of a dress on Amazon, shake hands over a Skype call, reach out and touch a leaf in Central Park; this is the future.


Test before you build, cut the development cycle, propel efficiency through advanced testing to optimize product outcome.

Hands-on learning

Harness the power of teaching in schools through interactive touch experiments and tactile lessons for deeper, richer learning across science, humanities and the arts.

See for yourself

“So real it's unreal.”

VR Enthusiast at FutureFest, London

“In TOIA there is an application that allows designers to drive their creative touch interactions instinctively. Distance learner educators could take advantage of the sensory augmentative and immersive qualities of TOIA, to better support ‘hands-on’ practice.”

Lisa Bowers, Regional Academic, STEM School, Open University

“Toia is already helping transform people’s lives. We’re now looking to apply Toia to orthopaedic training, where the ability to realistically feel what you’re doing in surgery gives students the chance to build essential skills, raising the bar on patient safety and teaching excellence.”

Dr Rui Loureiro, ASPIRE Senior Lecturer & Head of Centre, Aspire CREATe, University College London

“That’s absolutely awesome, not having to have a controller in your hand. Being able to pick things up with your fingers rather than using the Oculus is groundbreaking – this is the future.”

Bertie Mills, Managing Director, Virtual Umbrella

“We are one of the first to use Toia to advance our dental training simulations, giving breadth and depth to the procedural experience not yet used by the medical world on a grand scale. I could see touch software becoming a global phenomenon with reach across multiple industries; it’s a really exciting time to be involved and what’s unique is there is the flexibility to apply Toia to our own particular specification”

Dr Alastair Barrow, Director, Generic Robotics

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12 Years in development, Toia has gained the respect and support of academics and clinicians by working in partnership with world-leading medical schools and centers of excellence for engineering.

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Toia Features and Integrations


Unreal Engine 4 compatible, Unity support in development

Time 170331 092715

Fast, flexible development time


Fully customisable 2D/3D surface and texture mapping

Engine 170331 092714

Carbon physics engine creates realistic rigid and deformable objects


Support for all commercial haptic devices

Toia Tick 170331 092715

No coding experience necessary

Become part of the future; it's touchable

Toia is building the future.
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Training & Seminars

With a combined 100+ years working with haptics, the Toia team also provide industry training and courses, to make working with and integration of haptic technologies simple, easy and affordable.

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